Money talks. It has a voice in the system. It’s also the achilles heel of those on the margins. They tend to be poorly funded because they seek joy from life itself and eschew the money economy and the rat race. They seek a noble life of freedom in a world largely consumed by its anti-thesis. They can’t bear the expense of litigation and righting-of-wrongs against well funded legal departments and well funded public and private authorities.

We need your help to be a strong voice for a class of people whose voice is dismissed summarily, every day, by the well funded belittlers and opposers of real freedom.

The Society for Real Freedom is funded by individuals like yourself and by grants from like minded foundations. Our objective is to maintain adequate funding for our volunteer driven projects and strategic litigation. To this end we strive to be highly effective in achieving the enhancement of real freedom, for all, while operating with highest efficiency.

Can you help with grant research, grant writing and identifying potential donors?
Can you help with a one-time or monthly commitment? A lump-sum? Referring other potential supporters?

When contributing, remember, our freedom is your freedom. Your investment is a gift for yourself and all who come after you.

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