February 8, 2020 – The Society for the Enhancement of Real Freedom announces it’s support for the people of Unistoten.

To wit, the hereditary chiefs represent a system of governance that practised real freedom for millenia prior to the passive aggressive and aggressive subsuming of free indigenous culture by colonialism in Canada and the world over.

We recognize that, on one hand, Canada purports to espouse and uphold human rights while, for convenience and contrary to reconciliation, supports and turns a blind eye to human wrongs. By supporting what amounts to elected “municipal” chiefs to enter agreements that bind an entire indigenous nation, Canada illustrates that reconciliation is really just wordy rhetoric intended to placate and forestall real action towards reconciliation.

The Society for the Enhancement of Real Freedom hereby calls for the immediate withdrawal of RCMP forces and private Canadian corporate interests from the recognized sovereign Wetsuwetsun territory.
Additionally, we call for the Federal Government of Canada to launch an inquiry into the business practises that compelled unanimous agreement by chiefs and councils elected under the very same colonial system of government that seeks to subjugate the sovereign authority of hereditary chiefs over their federally recognized territory.

The Society for the Enhancement of Real Freedom promotes awareness of existing freedoms, creates guidelines for enjoying freedoms and advocates for marginalized groups or individuals whose freedoms are unjustly challenged by governments or private authority.

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