Who We Advocate For:

 The Society for the Enhancement of Real Freedom advocates for individuals, families and groups that:

  1. Live off the electrical grid and;
  2. Live in, or frequent urban centres, semi-urban, rural and wild areas.
  3. Live in vehicles,RVs, boats, small dimension (tiny) homes, tents, yurts, shipping containers etc.
  4. Are oppressed by zoning bylaws;
  5. Live in fear of, or object to authorities that cite erroneous or unenforceable regulations to intimidate them.
  6. That are, as a class of people, the subject of smear campaigns backed by municipalities, whether systemically or publicly.
  7. That are subject to “only if someone complains” bylaw warnings.
  8. Wish to live with real freedom.
  9. Are not using real freedom as an excuse for their tendency to elicit intolerance in others through malicious or anti-social behaviour.
  10. Accept that the system exists, albeit imperfectly, and wish to co-exist peacefully and with dignity with the system as it evolves to further embrace real freedom.

We recognize that there is a certain crossover between those living functionally in real freedom and those that will identify as homeless or the victims of affordable housing crises. Our primary purpose is to enhance real freedom for all through advocating for those that choose it as a way of life and would like to do so peacefully. In so doing it will naturally follow that homeless and victims of affordable housing crises will benefit collaterally.

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